Monday, January 26, 2009

How To Fail Your Dissertation

For many students completing a dissertation is no easy task and there are always certain guidelines which should be followed while writing dissertations and unless these guidelines are not adhered to the dissertation assignment is bound to fail.

Failing dissertations is seems to be a not so easy task, but if the students try really hard they can fail a dissertation by ignoring all the good advice that they have received from their supervisor. There are certain ways through which they can fail dissertations. Firstly if a student writes a poor dissertation introduction it would leave an overall bad impression on the supervisor and would pave the way for a dissertation to fail. Secondly many academic assignments And dissertations require that the student should have time management skills and if the student doesn’t have these skills the dissertation can be a total failure virtually.

Most students who fail in dissertations generally doesn’t know How to do a dissertation in the first place. Such students also don’t know how they can prepare a proper dissertation structure or they have no idea about dissertation writing styles or formatting methods.

The trend of dissertation failures is a lot common in the UK. As compared to a US dissertation attempting a UK dissertation is a more difficult task and generally the ratio of students failing dissertations is high in the UK.

Generally students who write dissertations for the first time and especially if they are attempting an online dissertation have no knowledge of how to download dissertation and even don’t know which dissertation to download. Such students also bother online writing and consulting services a lot because of their own academic inadequacies.

In sum we can say that the answer to the question how to fail a dissertation lies in the academic capabilities of a student and if the student lacks the skills required to prepare a dissertation properly, no matter which ways or means the student utilize the dissertation would be a complete failure in the long run.

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