Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pre-requisites of a well-mannered Construction dissertation with Top 10 Construction dissertation topics

Writing a construction dissertation is not an easy job to perform, especially when there is no information or assistance available on internet about construction dissertations writing. Therefore, I have decided to help you by providing all the crucial information that will be required to write a construction dissertation.

Central parts of construction dissertations:

•Signature page
•Table of contents
•Catalog of illustrations
•Chapter 1- introduction declaration of the problem
•Chapter 2-evaluation of the literature
•Chapter 3- methodological analysis
•Chapter 4-results
•Chapter 5- discussions

Top 10 construction dissertations topics:

i.Organic architecture

ii.Non rectangular building science

iii.The wonder that is Sydney Opera house

iv.How construction affects the environment

v.Natural Resources Management: Use of Simulation

vi.Legal Issues in Construction Management

vii.Scheduling Advanced Projects

viii.Appearance more important than function?

ix.Eco-friendly type of construction packed with state-of-the-art technology for energy conservation like photocells, quantum mechanics, fusion technology, etc.

x.Ultimate design of eco/modern living and why people won't buy such a house and why builders won't build and how easy/difficult it would be to get planning permission etc?