Wednesday, December 21, 2011


The dissertations introduction chapter plays a vital role in formulating your dissertation. It gives the reader an immediate overview of your work. So there is no way you can ignore your dissertation introduction chapter. It’s just like you have to summarize your essay in words which reflect your piece.

Want to know how to write dissertations introduction. This article will give you a bird eye view of the structure of an ideal dissertation introductions and how it should be written to impress your readers.

Put the importance of your work’s importance by elaborating on the difference you can make. This will do you wonders. Your work will be appreciated in a future oriented way. The problems you have faced during your work can also help you earn the reader’s trust.

When writing your dissertation introduction chapter remember the basics. Always use bolds or italics as an extra flavor. Your dissertations introduction should not be more than 200 words or 2 pages approx.