Monday, July 16, 2012

5 Tips How to Find A Great Marketing Dissertation Topic

+ Are you looking for a marketing dissertation topic that is manageable (in terms of finding data), presentable (in terms of results achieved) and exclusive (in terms of presenting theories)?

+ You are planning to do your dissertation in marketing but have no idea in what field and in which sector you should do it. Do you want a good research question to base your dissertation on?

The most important part of writing dissertation is to come up with a topic. Most often than not, you select a topic unwisely and it results in either procrastination of your work or even sometimes giving up your degree.

Following 5 points are the secrets of choosing a great marketing dissertation topic:

1. Find your area of interest

First, find the area of your interest. This is done by selecting a research topic from your course in university. For instance, if you are a finance student, it is better if you select a topic in finance. The title of your dissertation must fascinate you.
Students usually opt for those subjects as their area of study in universities in which they are interested. Thus by choosing a relevant topic to you field will be fascinating plus more tempting for you to know more in that particular area.

2. Take notes

It is important that whenever you hear, read or see something new and interesting relating to your area of study, write it down. Every time you are reading a book, a journal, article or even hearing a lecture make sure that you note anything that fascinates you and that you think can make an interesting topic.
You later go through your list and see if you can find anything that is interesting enough to be your dissertation topic.

3. Explore something new

The next important thing is to be sure that your topic explores something new in the area that has earlier been studied.

Most often students prefer to choose a simple topic that is easy to work on because a lot of data is already available on it.  This usually results in low grades or sometime even fails the dissertation because they lack novelty and originality.

4. Brainstorm and narrow down your topic.

To be specific and interesting throughout the whole research, you need to brainstorm and narrow down your topic. Find out what has already been done on the topic, what new could be done and what other effects are there in terms of changing market and technical environment.

After this, you will find several new areas where you can dwell further deep to explore and look into your topic with new and specific dimensions.

5. Relevant data availability

It is imperative to be sure that there are plenty of books, journals, article and other primary data available on your chosen topic. Once you have chosen a topic, be sure to collect only the relevant data to see what work has already been done and what you need to do on your desired topic.

You should have a very clear idea about your topic, as to what you should write in your dissertation; always avoid confusing and vague ideas.

By reading the aforementioned 5 points, you will be able to select an original topic enabling you to produce a quality marketing dissertation that adds as a praiseworthy finale to your academic career.