Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guideline On How To Do A Literature Review

Most of the students have a question in their minds that is “how to do a literature review”, well doing a literature review is not a very big deal, and all you have to do is to have good knowledge on what a literature review is basically and how to do a literature review? If you know the answer to the told questions than you are ready to write a literature review and trust me it won’t cost you much amount of time as well.

First, you should remember that doing a literature review doesn’t require you to conduct a new research work on any subject, rather you just have to write a review on a research work already done by the other author. The basic goal of doing a literature review is to provide the readers with up to date information on a particular subject. The main essence of a critical literature review is all about ideas with proper references plus the current information along with a neutral stance on the subject.

Doing a literature review involves a proper selection of a subject matter on which you would be doing your review. For this purpose, you can go for short novel, book, essays and stories and gather all the research material written by the authors. In order to get the latest information, you can also consult different libraries and over the internet. Internet can be a great source for finding information that is up to the make, but you have to make sure that the websites you are using to get information are authentic and reliable.

Now, that you have all the material in your hands, go through it so that you have the required knowledge before actually writing a literature review. You can also devise an outline for doing a literature review, in which you will note down all the chapters so that you keep yourself within the boundaries of the topic. A better literature review always starts with a thesis statement, followed by the body which can also be sub-divided into categories depending on the nature of the literature review, then comes the conclusion to wrap up your literature review.

Therefore, the above told guideline on “how to do a literature review “will surely help you to come up with a good piece of critical literature review.