Saturday, October 2, 2010

Writing A Literature Review In Five Easy Steps

Let us highlight the definition of a literature review before studying in detail how to conduct a literature review; mostly it is done to provide the background information about the researches and the work done by the profound scholars. When it is about scientific research related review than it is used to outline the similar form of research work done and some recommendations to a do a further research work. Whatever the type of the literature review is, no research work is completed without it.

Conducting a literature review:

First, understand what literature a review is all about:
Above told is just a very little definition of literature review, you have to do a thorough research about it. Internet can be the best medium for this. Just type in Literature review and you will get thousands of websites defining it. To make it clearer, I must tell you that a literature review is not a review of any book; rather it is background information about a certain topic.

Determine what type of literature review you will be conducting:

If it is being done on a particular topic than find a topic that is of your interest and start writing a literature review but if you are doing a scientific research paper, than find a particular topic and search for the best literature on it.

Determine the scope of writing a literature review:

Ask yourself, what the scope of your literature review is? A literature review can be done to provide the summary of the background information or the evaluation of the sources on a specific topic and also recommending sources or highlighting the intellectual progression of any field or the amalgamation of the old and new ideas.

Incorporate the text in the literature review:

Gather all the information about the topic you are conducting literature review on but while collecting all the details, make sure the sources you are using are credible and also give high preference to the scholarly sources.

Literature review style:

The style and breadth of the literature review will totally depend on the type of literature review you are conducting, so make yourself very clear about what will you doing for the literature review.

Therefore, the preceding literature review help will be very helpful in properly conducting a research work.